Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pressed Flower Picture Mats

These make a lovely gift, and they don't cost any money. Pressing flowers is easy and takes no time at all, and then you can slap them onto whatever you want. 

You don't need any special equipment here; a big, heavy dictionary will do. Of course, a real flower press is really easy to make, but if you're just starting out, Fine Gardening has a really easy tutorial for doing so in a book's pages here. 

You can line these with single-ply tp or newspaper to soak up more of the flowers' liquid.

After you've pressed your flowers, arrange them on the surface you'll apply them to, reconfiguring them 'til you like how it looks.

Texas wildflowers (with the exception of the abutilon in the top right), gathered from a local meadow.

For these I decided to enliven some picture frame mats that came with a couple of frames I wanted to give my friend for her birthday. The outer edge had to be cut off, but I like how the one above bled over, so I left that one intact. 

Delphinium blossoms and fern leaflets given to me by a boy ;)

That's it. Just apply glue to the back with a small brush and stick them on, but for the love-of-all-that's-holy, use matte glue; otherwise you'll be able to see each smear when you finish it. 

And now for a gratuitous kitty shot:
Noodles investigates!
Happy crafting!
- F

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  1. Finally! I had something like this in mind, but I've been searching for a picture. I helped my stepdaughters pick some Texas wildflowers and press them, with the idea that we would make something like this for their mom on Mother's day.


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