Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Photobooth

Alice in Wonderland is a great party theme. It just is; think of all the photo-ops! My lovely lady chose it for her birthday theme, and I knew immediately that I wanted to make her a photobooth. 

My muses were the Annie Liebovitz image from Vogue, along with a child's photobooth, and a color palette Pinboard that the birthday-girl decided on, below: 

Vogue image here, Alice child's booth here, and color inspiration board here

The first thing we needed to do was to get a cardboard box that was big enough to lounge in.

Unluckily, our method of asking for cardboard boxes and then adding "do you have one that someone could fit in comfortably?" yielded no results, so my better half cut a few other ones down and made a huge one out of it:

I'm sure he'll love the lower pic of himself.

The next bit was to line it. I found a couple of lovely wrapping papers, and the boys applied them so that we'd have a logical place for a chair rail:

Next we got out supplies and made faux art and tiny framed photos, adding them to the walls to give it more depth:

Spray glue is your friend here - anything else seemed to leave puckers. 

The chair rail was a definite find! Dollhouse molding we colored with a bit of brown paint, rubbed into the crevices to bring out the details:

Next, we added this with wood glue and staples, using books as weights to make sure it dried flat to the surface of the walls:

The rail did not want to stay put.

We used a couple of large sheets of paper to make a flat, clean-looking ceiling and some very small actual molding and to neaten the edge as well:

The frames were punch-out ones from a scrapbooking store - a lifesaver!

Then we painted the floor with the same brown paint we used for the railing, and made teeny curtains and attached them to the photo "window."

If you use better glue, your friends don't have to stand there holding things on as long :-/

Finally, the boy worked some boy-magic and made lights that worked. Color me impressed! I made the chandelier gadget out of a toy I found in my stash:

We found some doll house furniture left it loose so that people could interact with it. C'est finis! This was a lot of fun to take pictures of people in, and the lighting turned out just spooky enough for the theme (it is rather a dark novel). Here are some pictures from/in the final product:

Enjoy and happy crafting!

- F


  1. I love this post. I love how you explained the whole process and took pictures throughout. :)

    And I love how everyone contributed to its Wonder and made it all the more Wonderful.


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