Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Priming, or Do What I Say, Not What I Do

This is not the most exciting post, but it is the most enthusiastic.
Please, for the love of all that's holy, please, please 
prime your wooden furniture well before you try painting it. 

This is the parable of my bedside table.

I started with this old wooden thrift store table, and sanded it to remove the (many) dings:

Next, I found an easy, lovely guide on the inestimable Young House Love site for painting wooden furniture. Their instructions are perfectly clear and simple; sand, prime well, paint, seal (optional) and let dry. 

Here are images of steps one through 9:

Wait, what that's you say? 
You see only four steps? 

If your wood is as dark and your primer as sloppy as I let mine stay in the above, be prepared to have to put on a hundred thousand coats of your paint before you start to make those dark stripes above disappear. 

The moral? Prime evenly, then experience painting like a normal person, without giving the appearance of being a trichotillomaniac. 

oooh. shiny.

Though next time I plan on taking more care, the final product is day-glo lovely in my bedroom. 

Here's a pic of the area in its natural state:

So, if you paint, have fun and be good.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Lord above, are they ever vegetarian wontons. Seriously; we made about thirty dumplings and were still looking for more when they were gone. I utilized an Alton Brown recipe as a starting point, but modified it rather a lot, particularly to use what I had left over from other meals. I subbed that which the refrigerator yielded at the time to great effect, and added a few things I considered the original to be missing.  We paired with this with a homemade, practically drinkable dumpling sauce. Both are available for your perusal at Gasstronomy