Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lindsey Adelman Chandelier Project

via lindsey adelman studio

Once the interwebs told me about Lindsey Adelman and Roll and Hill, there was no going back.  I’m definitely a fan. Their designs are vivid, unusual and striking without taking over a whole space: 

 “... the most important [rule of thumb] is that bigger is always better, especially when it comes to
chandeliers ... In design development ... honestly, I think I spend more time convincing
 people to make things bigger than I do anything else.” Jason Miller, CEO, Roll and Hill 

“[Lighting] takes up no footprint ... I love that [it] uses that “vertical real estate.” Lindsey Adelman

Adelman also offers (free!) plans for a few diy lamps on her site, too, with the instructions here. They include a plug end, so if you're renting and want a cool new light, don't think you have to remove the ceiling fixtures to do this. It may be installed or hung. 

We decided to make the diy chandelier this weekend. The shape of the final design is completely up to you, too; we played around with the shape of the bits for an hour before starting work. The instructions are pretty easy to follow if you’re at all familiar with your toolbox, but I was glad to have help, especially in the form of candid reassurances that we weren't going to short circuit the house or something. For those bits that gave me a bit more trouble (as I'm not an electrician) I've included photos:

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Ubiquitous Hipster Deer Head

Alright, I know; the decorating with taxidermy thing is over, but I like my deer head. It was a random donation from a sweet former co-worker, and I think it's cute. I named it Mr. Benjamin. At Christmas we decorate him:

When I took the holiday frippery away (cough*yesterday*cough) he definitely began to look a bit naked, even less attractive as of late...

womp, womp.

He obviously needs more bling, but I can't decide where to go with it.

deer embroidery pattern (and image) via badbird 

you can never have too many friends print via blackbaroque

A crown? Glasses?
little deer prince via thisyearsgirl
gilbert and george via cocodeparis

I'm still on the fence, but currently leaning towards fake birds. I already have a 
stuffed vulture without a home, but also 'cause it would kind of go with my house. 

haters gonna' hate

- F

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Corn Pasta

There are so many ripe vegetables right now that it's the perfect time for pastas and giant salads. Since summer is here in a big way right now in Texas, corn is in.

I made this up on the fly to use up our bounty and was delighted with the result. It's sweet and fragrant and bursting with flavors from everything you can get your hands on from the farmer's market. Get it at Gasstronomy!