Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fascinating New Things

When my lovely lady fair/co-blogger decided to marry this summer, she asked me if I'd make a hair piece for her to wear to get married.

I got so excited about the excuse to go craftstravaganza on this that I offered to make a fascinator for each of the bridesmaids, each to her taste as (hilariously) described by the bride. She thoughtfully sent me a brooch she'd chosen for each bridesmaid's piece, and another for her own, to use as a starting point:

Then I got even more excited.
Then I told everyone I knew about the project. 
Then I bought supplies.
Then I started to freak out.

I mean, I was so totally flattered, I can't do it justice, but seriously; there's going to be more pictures of you on this day than any other, and you want to be wearing something I made on your head in them?

On that front though, it means it needed to be as close to perfect and to exactly what she wanted as it could be. She's no slouch when it comes to preparation though, and gave me a great trove of ideas and direction. I wanted hers to be elegant and whimsical ... without taking over her entire head. This was my first inspiration board:

from top left; feather flowers by twigs and honey, small clip by myrakim, of twigs and honey, bleached
and curled peacock swords by belaregalo, curled goose biots and white goose nagoire by kimonos

I gathered my materials and started playing around with the shape of each piece. Step one; curling the straight,boring goose feathers:

curled with a knife, and much better for it

Step two; culling and curling the useful feathers from the bizarre, crazy frou-frou feather thing found in Joann's. Running a knife along the back of the feather (like you'd do to curl ribbon) is all it takes. Proceed gently and repeat until fabulousness occurs:

curling goose biots

Next, I gathered my materials and messed them about:

ostrich feather, gold clip and feather flowers in top right from plumule


worn fabulously by the one and only Denise Eiser,née Gass. 

The other ladies I used inspiration boards for as well, mixing and matching things to their described tastes:

top left inspiration image from flowersbythevase,
bottom left grey silkorchids, right image final

top left inspiration image from the drool-worthy ban-do black label collection,
background progress/materials pic, middle overly heavy first attempt,
bottom image final - many wild collected feathers used (and sterilized ;)

top left image a la twigs and honey, top right from the lush materials
at MaryNotMartha, bottom image final - combs on each side to attach

Feather pads are oft used to make fascinators, so I wanted to make sure that where I did use them, they stood out more and didn't look canned. Here's the inspiration board for Mary Kate and Beth's:

far left images ban-do, center images , and products used, and from
bellaregalo, grey "vogue"goose nagoire feathers from kimonos,
gorgeous gold pheasant plumage from lamplight feather

Mary Kate and Beth:
left top, MK's materials in progress, left bottom MK's final
right bottom Beth's in progress, right top Beth's final


lovely ladies

Hot glue, string and feathers are a good time to be had - I can't wait to start making more! Thanks again to D for letting me run away with myself with these. 



  1. Sarah TadlockSeptember 21, 2011

    Flynn - I want you to know that from all of planning, shopping and preparation for this day, that your hair pieces you created from D's inspiration by far what MADE our Bridesmaid outfits!!!! It is something that I will always have and will be able to wear time and time again. What is the most special about this particular accessory if that each one was made to match our personalities and the quality was impeccable to say the least. Every time I see it I will always think of that special day. Thank you for all that you truly was unforgettable!!! - Sarah

  2. thanks, sarah <3 - maybe denise will share the mood board she made for you guys, too; it's where all the good personality stuff came from :)

  3. AMAZING! The pieces are smashing! I literally gasped and thought, "Oh, where can I go that I need to wear one of those?"

  4. thanks, livinginred! let me know if you think of someplace you'd wear one; I'm working on starting an etsy shop for these and keep wondering where people other than me *do* want to wear these things :)

  5. These were unbelievable. I wanted each girl to look fabulous, festive, and most of all, her self. You worked tirelessly (up til the day of the wedding!) to make sure each piece was exactly what we all wanted. Everyone loved them and they take our pictures from "happy, pretty" to "euphoric, fabulous"!

    Since I let each girl choose her own dress, I liked the unity the hairpieces provided--and yet, just like the dresses, the pieces reflected who each was. Commissioned work must be the hardest--because you had to try to take our adjectives for each bridesmaid and turn them into a look. No doubt, your contribution hugely impacted not only photos, but the way everyone FELT that day. You simply cannot wear feathers and bling in your hair without feeling magnificent, sassy, and ultra-feminine.

    PS--I love this post, for being a post, aside from the project :)


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