Friday, June 10, 2011

The Ubiquitous Hipster Deer Head

Alright, I know; the decorating with taxidermy thing is over, but I like my deer head. It was a random donation from a sweet former co-worker, and I think it's cute. I named it Mr. Benjamin. At Christmas we decorate him:

When I took the holiday frippery away (cough*yesterday*cough) he definitely began to look a bit naked, even less attractive as of late...

womp, womp.

He obviously needs more bling, but I can't decide where to go with it.

deer embroidery pattern (and image) via badbird 

you can never have too many friends print via blackbaroque

A crown? Glasses?
little deer prince via thisyearsgirl
gilbert and george via cocodeparis

I'm still on the fence, but currently leaning towards fake birds. I already have a 
stuffed vulture without a home, but also 'cause it would kind of go with my house. 

haters gonna' hate

- F

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