Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Victory Rolls V.1 - Pin Curling

The traditional, and heat-styling free way of creating these. Pin curls have been around forever and can be done easily with nothing more than the aforementioned pins. It's fun for a day when you don't have a lot to do before you're going out, or riveting airplanes with your friend:

I love pin curls.
Love ... and this is me attempting them!

Start with hair that's been washed and is still slightly damp to the touch. If your hair begins to get dry, spray it with water to moisten. Divide your hair into sections with a heavy side part. Use a rat-tail comb from the back of your ear upwards to create three big front sections: one front, and one on each side. 

Wrap a chunk around two fingers (three fingers if you have very small hands). Hold the loop in your fingers and wrap it around itself without twisting at all.

Roll the hair up and then pin flat to your head on the side if you want the curl to hang down, and pin it so that it stands if you want the hair to go up. The hair seems to want to go in the direction that you pull it towards, so for victory rolls you want to go up, up, up! Keep the angle the same as you wind the hair up.

Use flat clips or flat (ridge-less) bobby pins to make the little nests of hair lie flat against your head. Let dry.

Take the pins out and then brush the dickens out of those puppies. This style just has them pinned up, but they basically wanted to spring into this position anyways. The ones above are more pin-curls than true victory rolls, but once you've got the curls made they'll obey many of your commands more readily.

By far my favorite pin-curl tutorial is from this lady here. The YouTube name is VividMakeup and she has an entire series of videos on the art of the pin curl. If you're going to give this a go, these are really helpful. I'll show the highly embarrassing pics of the rollers coming up ...


  1. I wish I could do something like this. But my face was not created for any curls. :-) Loved the look!

  2. I remember a house full of girls (my sisters) in pincurls and headscarves when I was little. They were always fighting to get in the bathroom and in front of the mirror for makeup and combouts.

  3. Aloysa - I know what you mean! Big curls on me don't work unless it's a costume party of some sort. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. rozeeta - I have one picture of my grandmother in a hairdo like this one, but I wish there was a "before" image as well. I hope you have pictures of your sisters like that - it sounds adorable!

  5. AnonymousJuly 10, 2011

    i love the color of your hair<3


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