Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Dress

Finished the birthday dress just in the nick of time! Or, actually, just after the nick of time, but it worked out well due to divine assistance:

(the divine assistant is the blonde)
I learned a lot from this project, namely that I need to work on walking and chewing gum at the same time.

The pattern I had that most closely fitted what I wanted (which I'll call dress A) had a halter, which I cut down to make more of a heart-shaped neckline. However, the pattern front, before folding, had a pretty nice shape to it already, so I wanted to try using it for the basis of the sheer layer.

I found a pattern with the short sleeve and a full back (dress B) and a separate one with a flat lapel (dress C) that I liked. I layered them over top of each other and cut the fabric accordingly.

The edges of this needed to be taken in a LOT. I pinned it to my dress form, cut it down, and then did the same with the birthday girl. As such, I'm not sure how much the pattern combination helped, but I wouldn't have been confident enough to try making something myself without that step.

I added the boning to the original bodice shape. The pattern recommended adding the boning in channels, but I just sewed them between the layers to make sure that they didn't show.

I then got overconfident and sewed the pieces together without the chiffon. After I ripped the seams out it worked pretty well, though it helps that the birthday girl is a stunner:

 Happy Birthday, Lady!


  1. looks great! I saw the pics but didn't realize you had MADE that! nice work. Love the color and the full skirt.

  2. You've got on interesting blog here. :-) I like it a lot. Love the dress by the way! The belt is awesome! I want it! :-)


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