Monday, January 17, 2011

... paved with good intentions

I've got a red-orange hall ceiling, a mustard accent wall, and a peacock bedroom. I've done maroon, salmon, lime, pink and metallic gold. I'm not afraid of color. However, sometimes colors should inspire caution, and I let it go to the wind in my bathroom. I painted it a lovely mint, but for this specific purpose, well, it's godawful:


I recently realized that if I look like anything other than death-warmed-over in this room then I'm wearing way too much blush for any other venue. The color is also particularly ill-conceived paired with the '90's beige tile in there. It needs something to draw less attention to it, rather than more:

So, this definitely needs fixing, but ... neutrals? I have no idea where I'm going with them. I like the idea, though. I'd like to paint this bathroom grey, but I'm having so much trouble with the shades.

However, the internet has come to my rescue yet again! Apartment Therapy has a great dialogue going about favorite shades of grey, and I've found color matches for most of the formulas suggested. I'd love feedback on them:

I'm currently leaning Sea Haze and French Grey.

I think the kitchen might be nice in a grey as well- a darker grey could really bring out the warm materials in there:

Do you have strong feelings about any of the ones above?
Other color suggestions?
Am I on the wrong track altogether?

as Piglet says, "Halp!"


  1. Although I'm a huge fan of the current gray paint trend, I think gray is going to clash with all the beige in there. It might be too dark, but I still think a navy would look nice in there. Or a purple like this:

    Good luck!

  2. I love gray. Gray gray gray. Weddings, walls, even my fiance and dog have gray in their hair.

    My first attraction was to cinder, dior, and French grey.

    Cinder, for the kitchen, I think, but I have second thoughts on the French grey. Could just be computer screens but there seems to be a greenish tinge to it.

    One concern--you mentioned how the current color makes you look. I'm afraid the grays wouldnt be much better for that unless your bathroom is flooded with natural light.

    What about a soft yellow or buttercream? That would be more flattering to the complexion.

    Or you could just do as millionaire Elanor Ford did--have the mirrors replaced with peach-toned mirrors. You'll never look so beautiful as you do in THAT reflection.


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