Saturday, January 29, 2011


8:22 AM 
D____: nasty little rat birds
i can't believe they haven't evolved
i can't believe that grackles, as a species, are supposed to look like they all have mange
8:23 AM 
me: i love them.
i think they look sleek and shiny and ferocious.
8:24 AM 
that's so funny - our feelings about them are entirely opposite

D____: i keep expecting them to have a lazy eye or something
me: i always think of robert bakker's theory about dinosaurs coming from birds
they remind me of velociraptors with their penetrating gaze
 D____: they're the crazy ppl of the bird world
 me: heh!
well, the females do look less mangey

Birders and most other people feel towards grackles as does my friend above.
I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum as far as they're concerned.

I like their weird noises,

their colors,

and their aforementioned crazy eyes.

 I love them so much that I want a grackle tattoo, but I'm having trouble deciding what sort of image makes the most sense.

The one to the left is lovely, but my current animal is friendlier and in a very different style.

He needs a friend, and I'd love to continue in the style of oh my cavalier, who does wonderfully evocative ink drawings and lovely whimsical animals:
fox tea via here
mouse gift tags via here

reading foxes via here

I love that her images are of animals doing things they normally don't, without making them too much in human shapes. It's got a bit of Victorian ephemera thrown in that I really like. My guy is the one drinking tea. Wouldn't you accept a drink from that stranger? I would.

Though she's got wonderful foxes, she doesn't have as many birds, and I'd like to keep the styles similar.

image via here

The image above would probably translate well to ink, but it's pretty simple and it'd be hard to anthropomorphize it while maintaining a recognition of the species.
 via here
The two above are the logo for a band which always makes me cautious in case they get famous or I turn out not to like their music. However, these guys have a g-r-e-a-t expression. I think they sum up the idea of these as the "lunatic fringe" birds.

What do you think would work in conjunction? Any particular bird feelings?



  1. I'm pretty sure your bird needs a bicycle. Possibly a unicycle, but def some sort of cycle.

  2. ooh - a unicycle you could get past the problem of it not having hands to actually hold anthropomorphizing-type objects.

    good thinking ;)


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