Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lindsey Adelman Chandelier Project

via lindsey adelman studio

Once the interwebs told me about Lindsey Adelman and Roll and Hill, there was no going back.  I’m definitely a fan. Their designs are vivid, unusual and striking without taking over a whole space: 

 “... the most important [rule of thumb] is that bigger is always better, especially when it comes to
chandeliers ... In design development ... honestly, I think I spend more time convincing
 people to make things bigger than I do anything else.” Jason Miller, CEO, Roll and Hill 

“[Lighting] takes up no footprint ... I love that [it] uses that “vertical real estate.” Lindsey Adelman

Adelman also offers (free!) plans for a few diy lamps on her site, too, with the instructions here. They include a plug end, so if you're renting and want a cool new light, don't think you have to remove the ceiling fixtures to do this. It may be installed or hung. 

We decided to make the diy chandelier this weekend. The shape of the final design is completely up to you, too; we played around with the shape of the bits for an hour before starting work. The instructions are pretty easy to follow if you’re at all familiar with your toolbox, but I was glad to have help, especially in the form of candid reassurances that we weren't going to short circuit the house or something. For those bits that gave me a bit more trouble (as I'm not an electrician) I've included photos:

PARTS (highlighted items are not shown on the diagram contained in the instructions) 
A. 1 plug - item # PL183PBK                       I. 5 sockets - item # SO10045
B. At least 12 feet of wire (2 feet +                J. 5 tubular bulbs - item # BUET10C40
   the distance between the closest                  K. 1 globe bulb - item # BUEG16C40
   plug and the lamp) - item # WI18POG        L. 5 slip rings - item # SR0-3/8
C. 1 brass loop - item # LO111                     M. 5 brass cups - item # CU578
D. brass pipes, various lengths:                       N. 3 brass cluster bodies - item # BOT2
   2 brass pipes - item # PIBR07-0X8            1. 2 steel nipples - item # NI0-1/2X1/8
   3 brass pipes - item # PIBR03-0X8            2. 1 brass reducer - item # RE1/8FX1/4MS
   1 brass pipe - item # PIBR05-0X8             O. 2 plug buttons – item # FI1/8PLUG
   3 brass pipes - item # PIBR06-0X8            P. 1 twin socket adapter  
   2 brass pipes - item # PIBR04-0X8            3. 1 box of wire connectors - item # 7108K32
E. 3 nuts - item # NU430                               4. 10 feet of white wire - item # 7587K138
F. 1 cluster body - item # BOLG3                  5. 10 feet of black wire - item # 7587K133
G. 3 brass swivels - item # SV140                  6. 1 black electrical tape - item # 76455A21
H. 2 coupling bodies - item # NE449NP         7. 1 wire stripper - item # 7660K14

Let's hear it for the boy!


  1. Fantastic. Thanks for providing such good instructions and pictures to make everything understandable. Looks great.

  2. so how much did it end up costing, roughly? we're considering making it vs buying something like it.

  3. dear anonymous - the grand total came to $158.60. if you went with something to attach it directly to the ceiling instead of hanging it and then running the cord down and plugging it in, it'd be a little less, 'cause you could get a ceiling mount instead of a cord. hope this helps!

  4. Hi, what's the length of the bottom-left arm that uses the silver coupling? I'm hoping to just buy a longer pipe and not have to use the coupling at all.


  5. dear anonymous - i'll measure this week and get back to you :)

  6. Good Afternoon - Looks fantastic & very helpful! I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on an online store to pick up a brass ceiling mount (rather than the plug) that would work with the fixture? Thank you in advance!

  7. AnonymousMay 23, 2013

    Hi, the light fixture looks awesome! Where did you get all your parts? Thanks!

  8. Hi,

    The parts are from,, Amazon, and There are great pics on the Lindsey Adelman site, as well as even more options for making your own!

    Happy Wiring :)


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